Good and reliable aim is all about a consistent and effective routine. Unlock your aiming potential or keep it at a very high level with our aim training tools.

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Aim Mods

Crossfire, Prefire, and Recoil Trainer are just some of the mods that are designed to be fully customizable so that it adapts to what training you need most.



The ultimate way to train your multi-frag potential. Master your aim on site holds and after plants across all maps using crossfire. Fight off bots peeking you from all the most common angles in these realistic scenarios to train your muscle memory, speed and accuracy in high pressure environments.



Learn the pathing and pre-aim for clearing almost any stretch of the active duty maps. Making a mistake in clearing angles will result in you dying and having to start over again. This way prefire will force you to counter-strafe correctly, pre-aim positions properly and give you map awareness for the most common angles players would hold.


Recoil Trainer

Mastering recoil has long been an indicator of skilled players. Having perfect recoil control will ensure that no matter the distance or gun - you will eliminate your opponents faster. Refrags recoil trainer is the most advanced way to train your sprays available to counter strike players worldwide.


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