Jan 17th, 2024

Announcing The Refrag Academy

Elevating your level in Counter-Strike 2 just got even easier.

Academy is now live and can be accessed by all Competitive Tier subscribers. Refrag Academy is a fully fledged improvement hub that features tutorials made by pros covering strategies for both teamplay and solo queue. These tutorials have training sets of their own within Refrag, so you can follow along with what’s being taught.

Follow along with EliGE as he covers each part of the T side default before jumping into the accompanying Crossfire set to enhance your learning. Let Pimp show you how pros take A on Nuke and use the pre-saved NADR grenade group to take the guesswork out of the utility. This and so much more.

Our suite videos and tools cover all competitive CS2 maps and will provide you everything you need to improve your tactical and strategical toolkit in one place.

Want to know more about how to use the Academy? Visit our Refrag Academy: Quick Start Guide to get you started right now.


How it Works