Jun 25th, 2024

de_mills Map Callouts

The CS2 update rumor mill has been chugging along at a rapid pace as of late, and with today’s patch it is finally confirmed that de_mills and de_thera are being added to the competitive map pool. The map is based on a small village in the Netherlands, with picturesque views.

In this blog, we’ll be going through a list of callouts we’ve curated in anticipation for the map’s release. Below you’ll find the top down overview with all callouts listed, and screenshots accompanying the positions.

Butcher on the left, 420 on the right.

A main with the truck and the entrance into warehouse.

A site, with the ninja box, triple box, and hotel.

Short with donut.

Mid with tulips and church on the right side. The left side leads into wine.

Why this area is called wine.

Heaven, hell and bikes, from long bridge.

Shoe, laundry, and mailbox.

Have you played de_mills yet? Let us know by joining our Discord server! If you have any suggested changes to the naming of certain positions, we’d love to hear them!


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