Feb 3rd, 2024

Introducing the Refrag 2D Demo Viewer

Refrag is excited to unveil our exclusive 2D demo viewer, a culmination of relentless effort and invaluable player feedback across all skill levels. This innovative tool is the definitive solution for your 2D demo viewing needs. Building on our reputation for providing the premier Counter-Strike training tools, we’ve now expanded our offerings to include a straightforward and convenient method for reviewing your practice games. With this addition, Refrag becomes the true one-stop shop for all your Counter-Strike needs. Train for your matches using NADR and Crossfire – practice using our Scrim mode, and review with our intuitive 2D viewer. All in one, all on Refrag.

Scrim matches played through Refrag will seamlessly upload to the demo tab on our platform, where a 2D replay will be generated within 5 minutes. Moreover, you’re not limited to Refrag demos; any external demo can be uploaded for review. Our viewer is equipped with all the functionalities you’d expect, including intuitive keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation, utility timers to track durations, precise molotov spread tracking, and a draggable timeline featuring markers for critical moments like bomb plants and kills.

Refrag co-founder and professional CS player Elige commented on the development, saying, “We’ve been working hard to create a 2D demo viewer that meets and exceeds the expectations of players at every level. We’re thrilled to finally share it with you!”

Try it out now on https://play.refrag.gg/demos and let us know of any other features you might want to see in the future.


How it Works