Jan 8th, 2024

Refrag Academy: Quick Start Guide

Learning the ropes of competitive CS2 can be difficult and confusing. Many keys to success are often indirectly implied and have been learned from hours of trial and error. Keeping up with the meta alone can be a challenge. Refrag Academy takes away the middleman and gives you instruction straight from professional CS2 players. Academy is your hub for learning competitive CS2 concepts and strategies straight from professional players, with accompanying training sets to ensure you’re maximizing your learning. In this guide, we’ll be covering how to get the most out of your Academy experience.

Academy Dashboard

Welcome to your Refrag Academy Dashboard. This is where you can browse training videos by map, swap between CT and T instruction, and launch training sets that directly complement the content being taught.

With the drop down menu on the right you can select which map you’d like to learn about. Additionally, there are some videos that go through some non-specific instructions for Mechanics and Aim. Once you’ve selected a map, select between CT and T. Training videos and sets for the both sides will center around concepts like default positioning and utility, with accompanying training sets to warm up or supplement your learning.

We have strategies for (almost) every map available.

You can choose between Basic instructions to get a good understanding of the core subject and Advanced instructions, which goes further in-depth on the concepts being taught. Basic is good for players who are relatively new to competitive CS2, but is worth watching and following along for players of all skill levels. Advanced will go into further detail on some of the micro-adjustments you could make to your play. If something resonates with you during these videos, write it down for reference later!

Once you’ve finished watching the video on the concept or strategy you’d like to learn about, you can click on the “Launch Set” link to launch a Refrag server and it will load the training set that supplements the video you just watched automatically. Be sure to go through and launch the other sets as well once you feel like you’ve got a good handle on the one you’re currently playing.

Refrag Academy also contains video breakdowns from Pros about specific executes. These have their own accompanying NADR grenade group that you can hop into and follow along with. These can be accessed the same way as the training sets are, by clicking “Launch Grenade Group” under the Execute video dropdown.

New content is being added to the Academy frequently, so if something you want to learn isn’t currently available, chances are it will be soon. If you have any questions or feedback, please join our Discord server.

Looking for even more tools to improve your CS2 skills, try our recoil trainer and the community hub. The recoil trainer is guaranteed to help you improve your spray pattern, while our community has built their own set of training modes for you to practice in our community hub.


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