Jul 9th, 2024

Refrag FAQ: Your Questions Answered

This blog post is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding Refrag and its functionality. If your question is not listed here, feel free to join our Discord server and ask there!

Is Refrag free?

Refrag is a paid subscription service.

Is Refrag a Steam Workshop map? / Where can I download the Refrag map?

Refrag’s training tools are not contained in a workshop map, as they require a server to properly run. These servers are available on-demand for subscribers.

Where do I redeem a trial code/free access code?

Once signed in and on your Refrag Dashboard, navigate to the Settings menu by clicking on your profile picture in the top right. Scroll down to the “Play” section and there is a box to paste your trial code.
Alternatively, click this link to go to the redeem page.

How many trial/free access codes can I use?

There are two kinds of codes users can redeem. Users can only redeem one trial code once every 6 months. Free access codes ignore this 6 month limitation and can be redeemed at will.

What are the differences between the tiers of Refrag Subscriptions? (Player, Competitor, Team)

You can find all our different tiers at https://refrag.gg/tiers.

Can I upgrade from one tier to the next?

Absolutely. Click the “Upgrade” tab on your Refrag Dashboard to view your options for upgrading.

What is Crossfire?

Crossfire is Refrag’s own aim training tool, designed to give you the ease of use of Aimbotz with the challenge of real deathmatch, all while providing realistic angles and aim duels that you’d normally encounter in match play.

What is Bootcamp?

Refrag’s Bootcamp are a set of courses that are designed to help you train specific in-game mechanics. Bootcamp will guide you through map-specific tasks that will teach you everything from holding angles, to defending a bomb-site from full executes.

What is Refrag Academy?

Academy is a hub for learning competitive CS2 concepts and strategies straight from professional players, with accompanying training sets to ensure you’re maximizing your learning.

What server locations are available?

We currently have servers in 24 locations worldwide, including 8 spread across the Americas, 10 in Europe, and 8 in Africa and Asia.

I found a bug / I have a suggestion!

For bugs, create a support ticket in our Discord. For any suggestions you may have, we’re very active in the general channels. Feel free to start a discussion there!

I cant connect to my server

If you get disconnected after 3 minutes, you are logged into the wrong Steam account. Log into the Steam account associated with your Refrag account. If you’re still having issues, create a support ticket in our Discord.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by navigating to the Settings page of your Refrag Dashboard. If you don’t see the Cancel button, create a support ticket in our Discord.


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