Jun 22nd, 2024

Refrag Updates & Patch Notes (2024-06-21)


  • Improved server launch times


  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you tried to join CT on an utility arena
  • Fixed not showing replay if you were to join CT instead of T upon connecting to the server
  • Fixed skipping utility cam with jump bound to mousewheel.

Creator Studio

  • Added .arenateam to set team specific arenas.
  • Added command .dupearena <name> to duplicate selected arena.
  • Added command .dupebotgroup <name> to duplicate selected bot group.
  • Added command .dupebot <index> to duplicate a bot.
  • Added command .dupespawnpoint <index> to duplicate a spawn point.
  • Added command .utilmode <normal/mixed/ordered> to set the way util is thrown by bots.
    Normal = Bot throw their set utility as normal when they swing.
    Mixed = Any bot can be assigned to any other bots utility.
    Ordered = Utility will be in same order no matter what other settings are applied (Such as .swingorder).
  • Added command .botdisplacement to randomly displace bots around his spawn point.
  • Added command .random <0-100> to spawn a random amount (percentage) of bots per arena.
  • Added command .offangle <0-500> to spawn each bot at a random displacement around their original spawn point.
  • Renamed command .randombots to .randombotgroups.
  • Added command .presets <(optional)name> to view/set presets for loaded set, .presets DEFAULT is reserved to load the defaulted settings.
  • Added command .savepreset <name> to save or update a setting preset.
  • Added command .delpreset <name> to delete a setting preset.
  • Fixed a bug where it would print in chat “Please wait for the current set to download/upload…” for no reason.
  • Fixed .armor during pvp (Duels) for both teams


  • Fixed saving incendiary grenades.


  • Fixed retakes spawns on vertigo.


  • Routines is now live.


How it Works