Jun 19th, 2024

[UPDATE] Create Your Own Routines in Refrag

With the launch of Bootcamp, we’ve had many requests to add a way to create your own list of custom tasks. Today we are happy to announce that this is possible through our new Routines feature.

Additionally, we’ve created a list of pro routines for you all to try. These are custom made Routines by CS2 pros that they use to practice, or warm up before a game. Try these out for yourself, and get a good idea of the level at which they play and see if you measure up.

Custom Routines

Once you’ve entered the Routine section on the Refrag dashboard, you’ll find a button on the top right that says “Create Routine”. This button will allow you to enter a section in which you can create a full set of tasks to play in a similar way to bootcamp. Routines supports different maps, and training modes, all in the same list. Once you’re in a server performing these tasks, it’ll automatically switch you to the next task in the list on completion.

Note: If you want to add community hub training modes like XFIRE, and DEFENDER, you will have to select creator studio where you search for the specific set and add it this way.

When you are happy with the routine you’ve made, feel free to share them with your friends. You’ll be able to send them a link to your routine, have them try it to see how you two measure up against one another.

Routines is just one of the few features we’re adding for the coming months, and should help you along in your path to becoming a better CS2 player. So hop into the dashboard through the button below, and start creating, and sharing your own routines. We can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up.


How it Works