Refrag offers one-of-a-kind tools to keep your game plan a cut above the competition. Using NADR and the Creator Studio, you can craft scenarios to practice against, making iterating your strategic approach painless.

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Struggling in a specific area of a map or against a specific tactic? Creator Studio and Refrag Academy makes brushing up on the weak parts of your game straightforward.


Refrag Academy

Explore handpicked videos that teach you the strategies and tactics used by the pros. Refrag Academy is a great way to learn new strategies, brush up on your game sense, and learn from the best. With videos taught by top CS2 pros, Refrag Academy is a one stop shop for becoming a better player.


2D Demo Viewer

Need to know how a strategy worked out? Our 2D Demo viewer gives you the clearest insight on how your team executed a plan. Helping you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your plan.


Community Hub

Refrag's Community Hub is a growing library of user created arenas that lets you practice real life situations on demand. The Community Hub is a great way to practice your game sense in a variety of situations, and with our hand picked scenarios within the academy, you can learn from the best.


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