NADR is Refrag’s versatile tool for practicing CS2 utility. Between the hundreds of pre-loaded lineups, grenade prediction, and the ability to save up to 500 of your own grenades.

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Utility Mods

Your potential with utility knows no bounds. Trusted by top CS2 pros, learning nades has never been easier.


Utility Hub

Refrag's Utility Hub has all of the nades that you need to know to become a better player. With over a hundered nades that have an indepth explanation of how, when, and why to use them; you will never be questioning what the right nade is for any situation.



NADR comes with hundreds of pre-loaded grenade lineups making it trivial to learn useful utility on every map. See a useful lineup in a pro match? You can save up to 500 of your own grenade lineups in NADR, ready for use every time you load up Refrag. Need to find a new lineup? Use our grenade prediction tool to find the perfect lineup for your situation.


Community Hub

Refrag's Community Hub is a growing library of user created arenas that lets you practice your utility in a variety of situations. The Community Hub is a great way to find new lineups, practice your utility in a variety of situations, and learn from other players.


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