Refrag is your ultimate training tool, designed to enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and turn every gaming session into an epic adventure.

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Refrag provides you with custom servers where you can train in realistic scenarios where you can train your aim, utility, and strategy, within just a couple of mouse clicks.

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Link your steam to your refrag account so we can recommend training sets to improve where you need it most.

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Play on our free community servers or become a subscriber and utilize our state of the art gamemodes that are proven to make you a better player.


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Become a true headshot machine

Good and reliable aim is all about a consistent and effective routine. Unlock your aiming potential or keep it at a very high level with our aim training tools. Crossfire, Prefire, and Recoil Trainer are just some of the mods that are designed to be fully customizable so that it adapts to what training you need most.


No More Missed Nades

NADR is Refrag’s versatile tool for practicing CS2 utility. Between the hundreds of pre-loaded lineups, grenade prediction, and the ability to save up to 500 of your own grenades. Your potential with utility knows no bounds. Trusted by top CS2 pros, learning nades has never been easier.


Always stay a step ahead

Learn strategies from Pro players through our training videos, then practice them ingame via our customized training sets created specifically for the concepts learned in the videos. Struggling in a specific area of a map or against a specific tactic? Refrag Academy makes brushing up on the weak parts of your game straightforward.


Are you looking to become pro? Or are you just looking to get better? We have packages for players at every level.


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On Demand Server for every player

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Start an on demand server in 24 locations, with locations all around the globe so you have the best ping!

Dusseldorf, Germany
New York, New York
San Jose, California
Portland, Oregon
Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
Miami, Florida
London, United Kingdom
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Copenhagen, Denmark
Istanbul, Turkey
Barcelona, Spain
Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan
Beauharnois, Canada
São Paulo, Brazil
Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Australia
Mumbai, India
Santiago, Chile
Warsaw, Poland


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