Jul 1st, 2024

Bootcamp Exams – Test Yourself and Show Your Mastery.

With the release of Bootcamp, we brought CS2 training to a new level. Making it easy for you to start off at any level, and jump straight in to start practicing. Today, it’s time to start testing yourself on your skill and knowledge with the Bootcamp Exams

This Exam will test you on all the things you’ve learnt while completing the Bootcamp tasks, and will give you a score based off of your performance. When you get a passing grade, you’ll be granted a badge to display your level of mastery, letting your friends know that yes, you do actually know what you’re doing when you call that Ramp rush on Nuke.

To start Bootcamp, go to the specific map and difficulty you want to test yourself in, and you will find an option on the left side that says “Go to Exam”. Once you click that, you will find yourself on the Exam page with the estimated amount of time it will take, and a video explaining how the exam works.

Reminder: You can only do the exam once every 24 hrs, so make sure you are as prepared as you can be when you start.

Once you pass the exam, your account will be rewarded with a badge for that specific map and difficulty.

These badges will be displayed on your profile and can be shared with friends and potential teammates to show that you have the understanding to play that map at a certain level.

To ensure that the difficulty of each exam is correct, we are releasing them at a staggered pace. This will allow us to make adjustments if necessary, and to make sure that any potential bugs we find can be fixed before the full release. If you do encounter any bugs, please let us know in our Discord.

Right now, the beginner difficulty exam should be available for all maps. So go ahead, jump in, and show us how well you’ve mastered it.


How it Works