Mar 19th, 2024

Refrag Updates & Patch Notes (2024-03-19)


  • Added cs_office & cs_italy to most of the mods. (No content though)

Arena Mods

  • Added command .xray to toggle xray on bots. (only works on .prac and .dev)
  • Baba Yaga returns…

Creator Studio

  • Added command .botrush to set whether or not a bot should rush you as a normal bot after spotting you.
  • Bots will now spawn in order if .swingorder is set to constant and .maxspawns is used to spawn a fixed amount of random bots.


  • Fixed random spawns on de_mirage. (Private servers)


  • Added command .xray to toggle xray on players. (Enabled by default)
  • Added command .replace to replace nearest active bot recording, using this command while there is no bots active will work as a toggle, so whenever you play back a recording, you will replace the bot that spawns closest to .replace position, using it again clears this position.
  • Added command .observeme to put everyone into spec and spectate you.
  • Added command .restore to restore everyones positions/angles and equipped weapon after using .observeme.
  • Added a delay between kicking bots during strategies if they die.
  • Bots don’t drop weapons anymore when getting spawned/kicked.
  • .dryrun now randomizes spawns @EliGE.
  • Fixed a bug where server would crash on vertigo after spawning a bot.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would stay crouched after crouching once during a strategy.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur while playing back strategy if the recording did not have a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where a random bot would teleport to spawn and afk while using .record.
  • Fixed a memory leak with C4s and strategies causing server to eventually crash.
  • Fixed bots being crouched in POV when watching strategy.
  • Fixed fall damage during strategy recordings.
  • Fixed bug where normal throws would save as “Move Throw”.
  • Fixed being able to plant the bomb multiple times without having to restart the round.
  • Joining a team back manually will also restore your position/angles and equipped weapon.
  • NADR no longer restarts the round more than once on start, also doesn’t restart game when you join as a spectator.
  • NADR no longer has an annoying warmup sound/bug when you load it, no more round restarts at all.
  • Recording bots now keep your name unless you specifically name them. (.record <freezetime> <name>)
  • Weapons now get cleaned up if nobody picks them up after a bot dies/disappears during a strategy.
  • You can now kill recorded bots during .record and they will die during the recording as well.
  • You can now add a delayed recording to your strategy by either first doing .play and then start recording mid playback or having a friend doing .record couple seconds after you do your first .record.


  • Added command .cstv to toggle GOTV recordings. (If CSTV is enabled, GOTV is recording will print once match starts, can also double check by typing ‘status’ in console)


  • Added insta-defuse.
  • Fixed bomber running to opposite bombsite


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